Arnaud's photo gallery

Arnaud's photo gallery

Arnaud Clerc was a celebrity hound. The wonderful photos in the animated banner of Gerald Clerc's web site document some of his interactions with the rich and famous. Here he is with Prince Charles, Salvador Dali and the designer Paco Rabanne.

From a separate source (more information to be added later), we have these photos of him with President Charles de Gaulle (center) among others.

I remember my Aunt Hilda would always talk about this prince and that Hollywood actress. She was very impressed with royalty and celebrity. It seems that Arnaud had similar interests.

Also, look at that face. One of the peace talk articles described him as looking like the actor Edward G. Robinson. By that, the reporter may have meant he was short in stature but also that he was pugnacious and forceful. All words that could also be used to describe his business benefactor, our uncle Joe Liebman.

And now the stage is set for the surprises in store when I next turn my attention to