Closing the loop with Rebe

Closing the loop with Rebe

I was embarrassed to say that a full three years had elapsed since I had met Rebe Eisenstein in her Hackensack apartment and that I had not been back in touch to give her any kind of update.

The truth was until connecting with Warren I had no new information. But that did not excuse my not having followed up. At her advanced age, there is no time to wait to follow through on promises. My delay already had cost any opportunity to speak with her cousin Elliot.

So it had been weighing on me for some time. Now after having spoken directly with Mark, I was happy that I could call her with first-hand good news. She picked up on the first ring and knew who I was before I finished saying it. We should all be so sharp at 93.

I began by apologizing for my absence but she told me not to worry, and that things happen in their time and with a reason. Then I told her the news about Mark. She was thrilled. I recounted the various details that I gave in the previous post. I then expressed my condolences for the loss of Elliot. She told me that, compounding their grief, Isolde's only son Jonathan also died just weeks after Elliot's death.

I followed up by sending Mark's address and phone number to Isolde the next day and sharing my sympathy with her as well. I was happy to relieve my conscience and close the loop with the two of them. I believe by now Mark and Rebe have spoken directly but I have not heard a report.