Copy of Ringel-Weinstock marriage certificate arrives from the GRO

Copy of Ringel-Weinstock marriage certificate arrives from the GRO

Here is the 1908 facsimile marriage record for our ancestor Rosa Ringel that I have just obtained from the UK General Registry Office. It is significant because it provides a precedent for the 1911 Ringel-Twiasschor marriage that we have been focused on. 

To remind you, this Rosa Ringel is not the one who was our grandfather's sister but a different Rosa who was Hermann's first cousin. She was the daughter of Hirsch Zvi Ringel, who was the brother of our great-grandfather Schija Ringel. 

We know a good deal about the Hirsch Ringel branch because of the family research published by Australian genealogist Tami Beck. Tami is the granddaughter of Meier Weinstock and Rosa Ringel, thus our third cousin. Her father, Leo (Arie) Weinstock, born in 1916, was the last of Rosa's three children. 

Rosa died in 1932 when Leo was 16. Meier and his children emigrated to Palestine and later settled in Australia. Tamar Rivqa Weinstock is Leo's daughter, born in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1951.

I have been in touch with Tami in the past but not recently. I intend to reach out to her now to find out what she knows about her grandparents' 1908 Whitecastle wedding and other aspects of the Hirsch Ringel branch. 

In the next post, I will look at the detailed data provided in the 1908 marriage record, including a few key differences from what we see in the 1911 record.