Correcting a Rabinowitz-Robbins error

Correcting a Rabinowitz-Robbins error

After a research hiatus, I found some blinking alerts on several genealogy sites connecting our great-uncle Julius Rabinowitz and his children to the family of Philadelphia lawyer Jules Robbins (born Zusman Rabinowitz). Jules and Julius have similar birth and death dates but it doesn't take much digging to find that one died in Philadelphia and the other in the Bronx. 

Julius's children Abner J. Robbins and Judith N. Robbins are not the children of Jules Robbins, as they are listed on a user-posted family tree on Geneanet, and which has been copied over into multiple trees on Ancestry. 

As I have written about before in Just so—how the Rubys got their name, it was fairly common for American Jews named Rabinowitz to change their surname to Robbins, as it was somewhat less common to change it to Ruby. We had both in our family. 

Zusman Rabinowitz from Philadelphia went by the more American name Julius, later shortened to Jules when he legally changed his last name to Robbins. 

I've sent messages to several tree proprietors hoping to get this misinformation corrected before it propagates further. Meanwhile, I'll share some new tidbits about our Julius Rabinowitz and his family.