Cousin love from Danny

Cousin love from Danny

I know that Walter is visiting Robert again this morning, and I'll will send along all my warm wishes through him. Bob, I love you. Across the distance and even across the years. I know you are fighting hard to beat this thing. And showing grace in enduring the struggle.

From one Rabinowitz-Tulbowitz relation to another - both sharing the blessings and possible curse of our family history - our lives have meaning beyond the day-to-day concerns and occupations. Those we touch and that touch us have been changed in some way. We make our way in the world, and we leave our mark.

And if you ever doubt that, you won't believe what can turn up on the Internet [grin]. 

Blessings to you and Jane for the fight you are making. Having the will to win is at least as important as any treatment they give you. I am so grateful that Walter has been able to be there on the scene for you. I feel so inadequate that I'm not able to be there too. Please know that I love you and am thinking of you daily.

Your cousin Danny