Download "The Ruby Family Histories" (2006)

Download "The Ruby Family Histories" (2006)

Our founding document is the 50-page memoir "The Ruby Family Histories: The Early Lives of Stanley and Helga Ruby," written by Walter in 2006. 

Walter had always been the historian, as well as the most prolific writer, in the family. In the months after our father's death, he took the initiative to interview Helga about details of her life, especially her flight from Europe in 1938-41. 

Then, after Helga's death, he compiled this wonderful document about the life journeys of our two parents. With input from Dan and Joanne, it was finalized in 2006, about the same time this blog was getting underway.

Read it with care. There are known errors in it, most notably the claim of descent from Rabbi Yitchak Elchanon Spektor, that we have been forthright about correcting. 

Nevertheless, we are proud to offer the article for download in its original form. Enjoy.

Ruby Family Histories (2006)

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The Ruby Family Histories (2006)