Gina was Regina! The missing Twiasschor sister is found

Gina was Regina! The missing Twiasschor sister is found

I was looking again at the UK marriage listing for Betty Twiasschor when I saw that it was not the only Twiasschor record in the UK marriage listings. The first other one I noticed was Augusta Twiasschor, who married Lewis Weisberg in Prestwich, Lancashire in 1897. Next, there was a Regina Twiasschor who married in Barnstaple, Devon. I'm thinking, maybe it was a Twiasschor family tradition to go to England to marry.

But the Regina Twiasschor marriage happened considerably later, in October 1940. Her spouse was named Ernst Schoenwald. I searched some more on Regina's name and found an alien exemption card for her from the same file as Edith Twiasschor's exemption that I examined yesterday. 

And then it came to me. The missing Twisasschor sister, who we also knew by the name Gina, is this Regina Twiasschor. She, of course, did not go to England on a lark to be married. She was a war refugee, having fled to England with her sister in 1938 or '39. In the image, you see that she shows up in a 1939 civic registry for the Willesden area of London employed as a domestic servant.

There are a lot of crossouts in the Surnames column. The first name crossed out was meant to be Twiasschor, but reads to the record indexer as Tevasschen. Then her future husband's name Schoenwald is entered and crossed out. And then it finally settles on Scott, which may be the name Ernst would go by in England. Underneath Scott is written her first name, "Gina or Regina."

Note that her birth date is given as June 28, 1913, which agrees with another of the documents we have. So she was about 18 months younger than her sister Edith. 

There is more to learn about Gina's future life. As I mentioned before, we thought Edith and Gina were both single old ladies when we met them in 1961, but now we know that they were both married. Edith's husband Rudolf Krauss was definitely still alive at that time. I'll see if I can find what became of Ernst Schoenwald. 

As for Augusta Twiasschor in 1897, I still have to figure that one out. 

Update: I just looked at Edith's exemption card and her address is given as the same Willesden location as shown here, so the sisters lived together at that address.