Hundreds of new photos to scan

Hundreds of new photos to scan

I am still plumbing our original photo archive—which is to say boxes of unsorted photo prints—for images relevant to the project. Yesterday I went looking for photos of a 1959 Christmas on Green Valley Drive. I didn't find what I was looking for but I discovered a trove of other photo sets that I will want to post here. 

This morning I hooked up my scanner and here is the very first important addition to our Storyspace photo library. I have been posting recently about Helga's cousin Edith Krausz, who passed away at in 2007 at age 96. 

Here she is with her husband Rudolf Krausz in a photo I would place around 1960. They look oh so British, but they are both emigres from German-speaking lands. I don't know but I imagine that they both spoke English with a German accent. 

Edith was 13 years older than Helga, and she outlived her younger cousin by two years.

Now that the scanner is working, I am going to begin a project of bringing in the best of the new photo treasures.