JJR blog posts Neuilly floor plans

JJR blog posts Neuilly floor plans

There is some notable new information in the latest posting by French blogger Jean-Jacques Richard at Bijoux et Pierres Precieuses. Among the material mined from the archived case files of the Aryanization proceedings involving the House of Clerc are these architectural floor plans for the house at Neuilly. 

Following are JJR's annotations, as Google-translated from the French.

The description of the house said that the field is 19 meters by 40 meters long, that the cement wall on the boulevard, is topped by an iron railing, according to the rules of the road from the town of Paris, a grid "curb cut" has two iron gates topped with a decorative pattern, the text that was prépatré to lease said that the mansion was built in luxury materials. 

In the basement, staff accommodation, garage etc.. On this part of the plan, the basement and first floor.

Upstairs, a large bedroom with bathroom and WC. A terrace in front of the room and the bathroom and another terrace with pergola on the right side of the room.
The second floor, covered terrace with two bedrooms, bathroom, laundry and toilet. The floor of the vestibule is paved with marble "raw shad" with marble baseboards around the perimeter walls.