LDS records solve the Wohlgemuth conundrum

LDS records solve the Wohlgemuth conundrum

I found another cache of specifically Jewish records from Stargardt that were filmed by the Mormons and are accessible at

With these, I have now been able to reconstruct our Wohlgemuth line from Isaak's father Leopold back to the first Wohlgemuths to take the name in Stargardt. (Yay! That was one of my goals in making the trip.)

Leopold was born on March 5, 1833, the son of Abraham Wohgemuth and Rebecca (nee Altmann). He was formally give the name Lewin but the more Western name Leopold is also recorded on his birth record.

Leopold's father Abraham Wohlgemuth was born in 1805, the third child of Herz Moses Wohlgemuth and Rosa. At the time of Abraham's birth, surnames were not yet in use, but a few years later in 1812 his father, uncle and grandfather (Herz Moses, Salomon Moses and Moses Salomon) all adopted the Wohlgemuth surname. 

From a directory published in 1812 that correlates the surname with the old patronyms, we find birth dates for Hertz (March 16, 1769) and old man Moses (May 21, 1729). Herz's mother Yette was born March 13, 1739 and Moses married Yette on May 18, 1760.

All of the men in the family are identified by profession as "handelsmann," or dealer. 

So that is our family history in Starogard Gdanski. I will capture images and properly document these new finds later, but I wanted to share the news immediately.