Marriage records on order from the UK General Register Office

Marriage records on order from the UK General Register Office

For the past week or so, I have been zooming and tweeting with an international bunch of genealogists, including several from England. 

This morning I tweeted a question to the UK experts about the London marriage mystery. I'm still trying to connect the double marriage of the Twiasschor siblings in 1911 to an an earlier marriage of an Augusta Twiasschor in the Manchester area. 

I asked for suggestions and right away @HistoryLady2013 responded with a question. Had I ordered the marriage certificates from the GRO?

Well, no, this is my first go-round with British vital records. It turns out anybody can order copies of birth, marriage and death certificates for the purpose of genealogy research. History Lady explained to me that the marriage certificates will include the names of the marriage parties' fathers. 

It is not free and it is not instant. I paid 14 GBP for each of two certificates, for the 1897 marriage and one of the 1911 marriages. I can expect to receive the certificates in the mail in about three weeks.

From these, I will definitely learn the name of the Twiasschor siblings' father, and I may get information that would confirm or rule out my conjecture about the connection of the Twiasschor siblings to the 1897 bride. 

Thank you to History Lady for bringing me up to speed on researching UK vital records. I hope I don't have to pay for very many of them.