Mea culpa: Isaak Paechter did live in Crossen

Mea culpa: Isaak Paechter did live in Crossen

Rosa Jacob's marriage record shows her father died in Crossen.

About a week ago, I wrote that a profile for Isaak (Yitzhak) Paechter on Geni had led me down a rabbit hole, because that Isaak lived in Crossen-on-the-Oder, which is not very near to Tiegenhof. I thought I knew that he and his family remained in Crossen until later resettling in Berlin. How could he have been in Tiegenhof in 1898 when the Paechter department store was attacked? 

However, one important connection I had just made, the Australian Peter Nash, was also making the same claim. Peter knew all about the life of Isaak's daughter Rosa Paechter Jacob. He was quite sure that this Rosa was the neice of his ancestor Rosa Paechter Kleemann, whom I had just established was the sister of our ancestor Friederike Paechter Wohlgmuth. 

So I went back and looked at the dates known for Paechter family in Crossen. It turned out the records were all from the 1880s but not the 1890s. Remember that the Unzer Danzig article about the fire mentioned that Meyer Paechter, the store co-owner and manager, had died in 1891. Quite possibly, Isaak could have moved back to Tiegenhof after that to take over the running of the store. Then he would have spent most of that decade back in his original hometown, until he decided to close the store in 1898.

Then Rodney Down Under checked in with a breakthrough contribution. Through some clever database sleuthing, he had located Meyer Paechter's death record, registered in Danzig on February 23, 1891, showing his father as Julius Paechter of Tiegenhof. Not only that, he had found three sons of Meyer, all of whom were born in Tiegenhof and married in Berlin between 1902 and 1908. 

Rodney had also examined Rosa Paechter Jacob's 1909 Berlin marriage record and it showed that her father Isaak had previously passed away in Crossen but her mother Friederike Meyer Paechter lived in Berlin at the time of the marriage. 

Even though we have not yet turned up Isaak's actual birth or death record that would prove he was the fourth child of Julius and Rahel Paechter from Tiegenhof (likely the third in order), this and other evidence all lines up to support that conclusion.

I am now convinced that Isaak was a fourth Paechter sibling, and, while having moved away and started a family in Crossen, he did return to Tiegenhof with his family after the death of Meyer in 1891. Rosa, the daughter, would have been eight years old and her brother, Kurt Julius, just two, when they came to live in Tiegenhof for the next eight years. 

So my apologies to the Geni managers for initially doubting their information. I have gone ahead and merged all the Paechter profiles on Geni and I intend to add in all the children of Rosa and Meyer. Then Geni will correctly represent three generations of descendants of Julius and Rahel Paechter.