Meyer Paechter returned from Danzig to Tiegenhof in 1871

Meyer Paechter returned from Danzig to Tiegenhof in 1871

I'll now return to our Tiegenhof Paechters to fill in some missing information, beginning with the family of Meyer Paechter, the son of Julius born in 1845. We've written about one of his sons, Fritz Emil Paechter, the Berlin printer, and his son Heinz Mximillian Paechter, later known as Henry Pachter, the emigre historian. 

But Meyer had six other children whom I'll cover in the next several posts. The first observation about Meyer's family with wife Emily nee Jacoby is that their first two children, Julius (b. 1869) and Heinrich (b. 1870) were born in Danzig. The next five, beginning with Emil (b. 1871) were born in Tiegenhof. 

It seems he had begun his migration that led other Paechters to Danzig and/or Berlin, but was called back to Tiegenhof in 1870 or 1871 for some reason, and then lived there the rest of his life. The reason must be that his father Julius died in that year and that Meyer came home to take responsibility for the family store. 

We don't have a date of death for Julius Paechter but this seems to be a strong clue to put it in 1870-71. We also don't know his birth date but have said before it might be around 1815. If those dates are correct, Julius would have been about 55 years old at his death.

Meyer was 26 years old when he returned to Tiegenhof with his wife and two children. Five more children would arrive in the next decade, and then Meyer lived for another decade until he died in Tiegenhof at age 46. We've recently written that it appears that Meyer's brother Salomon took over the store at that time.

In the next posts, I'll look at the six children of Meyer that I have not yet covered.