The missing husbands of the Ringel sisters are now accounted for

The missing husbands of the Ringel sisters are now accounted for

Yesterday I wrote that I had not yet learned the histories of the two husbands of Hermann Ringel's sisters Rosa and Pessel (known as Betty). That was so yesterday.

I woke up this morning to email from Rodney who had already seen that and had done a little digging of his own. He also pointed out that I was in error yesterday when I wrote that only the front of the Ringel-Wohlgemuth marriage record was available. He found the back and sent it along, showing that the two marriage witnesses were Isaak Wohlgemuth and the merchant Martin Horowicz, who lived at Lothringer Straße 14. 

Anyway, about the husbands, Rodney had found a 1920 death certificate for David Schattner and a 1911 marriage record for Pessel Ringel and Pinkas Twiasschor. Neither record was straightforward. Schattner actually died in May 1917, apparently a military casualty of the First World War, but his death was not officially recorded until three years later. The Ringel-Twiasschor nuptual did not take place in Berlin as would be expected, but in a district of London, for some reason yet to be discovered. 

Thanks, Rodney. I surely would have found these records on my own at some point, but it is always nice to have a boost. The London business seemed especially odd. I brewed a pot of coffee and got to work. 

The David Schattner information was perfectly easy to confirm, though the circumstances of the military battle in which he was felled are yet to be ascertained. The record, shown here, says the place of death was Pecs, Hungary, which would have been behind the lines of battle on the Balkan front of the war. Perhaps he was wounded in battle and evacuated to Pecs, where he died. The reporting snafu was unfortunate, but possibly understandable with the confusion of war. Presumably, Rosa received notification of his death in a more timely way. Also, I expect she received a government pension after that. 

As Walter pointed out when I told him this morning, it means that Helga's cousin Wolfie, later the Israeli Ze'ev Sharon, who was born in 1913, grew up without a father. More to reflect and ponder on that in the future. Now, it on to the Twiasschor situation, which I'll cover in the next post.