More insights from Wohlgemuth phone listings

More insights from Wohlgemuth phone listings

Looking for our Rosa Wohlgemuth in the Berlin phone directories, a number of other listings jumped out. But first, this 1925 directory makes clear that the Rosa Wohlgemuth on Bambergerstrasse was not the same person as our Rosa. Both are listed, the former as a Rentier, or pensioner, the latter (aha!) as a painter, at a different Charlottenburg address, in 1925.

In that same year, we see her brother Isaak listed as a manufacturers' representative at the Woelckpromenade address in Weissensee, where I visited a few years ago. You may remember, he had shut down his railway expediting business by then and was employed representing liquor brands in the regional market.

Isaak died in 1929, a short time before his daughter Elly and family moved from their neighboring apartment on Woelckpromenade to Schlutterstrasse 12 in Charlottenburg. I had thought that Isaac's widow Betty had also moved in that same time frame, but here we see a 1931 business listing for J. Wohlgemuth sales rep at the Woelckpromenade address and phone number. Maybe Betty was still maintaining the business under the former name of the shipping company, which was named for brother Julius Wohlgemuth, deceased since 1911.

And we see a residential listing for a Frau Wohlgemuth, clearly Betty, at the Woelckpromenade address as late as 1935, so her move to the Bavarian Quarter happened after that. I do have a 1938 directory with Betty Wohlgemuth listed on Aschaffenberger Strasse.

I am only guessing that Betty and Rosa would have been close. They were well-off, older, single ladies who were sisters-in-law.