Plan to datamine our founding document

Plan to datamine our founding document

Way back in 2006, about the time this blog was also getting started, Walter authored a wonderful first written draft of the Ruby family history.

It was titled The Ruby Family Histories — The Early Lives of Stanley and Helga Ruby. Fourteen years later, despite some errors and information not yet known, it is very much well worth reading. It is available in the sidebar to download as a PDF. 

Most of the contents of the document never made it into the blog, leaving holes in the blog narrative that could be filled in with Walter's writings.

So today I will begin a project to create new blog posts with Walter's best material. It may take a while to get through the whole 50 pages, but I expect it to be worthwhile.

I'll also create a new Family Story, Walter publishes first draft of family history, to collect the posts in one place but they will also be tagged to other relevant stories in our RFHP Story Portfolio.