Portuguese consul Emile Gissot

Portuguese consul Emile Gissot

I somehow overlooked a very interesting comment on the blog from early in January.

A staffer at the Aristedes de Sousa Mendes Foundation had seen our Ringel escape route postings and wanted to know if the signature on the Portuguese visa in Elly's passport matched any of several other names besides Sousa Mendes.

On her list was the name of Emile Gissot, and indeed as you can see from the closeup here, that's who signed off on granting a transit visa to Portugal to our family members in Toulouse on July 11, 1940.

After sending back this photo, I heard back from the director of the foundation with additional questions. She may be able to help clear up our party's movements in the weeks leading up to their arrival in Toulouse.

We may also find that our family members will be added to the foundation's roster of those who benefited from the heroic action of de Sousa Mendes.