Ratner descendants reunion in East Quogue

Ratner descendants reunion in East Quogue

In 2016, we organized a reunion on Long Island for Ratner members, including the Ruby siblings and cousins Marsha, Janis, Leslie and Amy, along with various spouses and a few next generation Ratner.

Alan Klein was unable to make the event with any family members from Chicago, but he encouraged me to reach out to a Ratner second cousin, Curt Decker, a grandson of George (Peyser) Ratner. 

Days before we arrived at the rented vacation home in East Quogue, Long Island, I finally emailed and then spoke to Curt Decker. He was warm and quite interested in discussing our family relationship. I wish I had kept notes of the call or written about it at the time. The following are dimly remembered details supplemented by public family records.

Curt was the elder of two sons of Marjorie Ratner, the daughter of George Pizer Ratner and Emma Paeglow. Marjorie married Robert Decker, a farm equipment salesman, before he shipped out for his World War 2 service. Curt arrived in 1944, followed by Ronald in 1949.

Whatever disharmony in the Ratner family left over from George Ratner's decision to marry outside the Jewish faith had long since faded. After Rose Ratner passed away in 1947, it was the Deckers who moved into the long-time Ratner dwelling at 16 Cuyler Avenue.

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