The rest of the Ringels from Rzeszow

The rest of the Ringels from Rzeszow

Recently we've been learning more about the two daughters of Schija Ringel and Fanny Kaufler. Along with our grandfather Hermann, they comprise one branch of the Ringel family descending from the original family from the Austrian town of Rzeszow. Let's pull some new threads by looking at the other Rzeszow family members.

Some of the information I will cover is brand new. Another part is playing catchup from a revelation of a year ago. We'll begin with an accounting of the five children of Moses Ringel and his wife Rose Lea, nee Reichman. 

First, I don't know a lot yet about the parents. I have done some general reading about the Rzeszow Jewish community, but have not found specific information about our Ringel and Reichman families there. I believe I have it that Moses was a butcher from one of the documents that we have, but I have not confirmed this recently. What I do know about them is they had five children, as follows. 

1. Schija Ringel, born June 13, 1856. Our direct ancestor was the first child.

2. Juda Leib Ringel, born February 16, 1859. On subsequent documents he is called Leib Ringel, without the Juda.

3. Jakob Schia Ringel, born in 1861. He uses both names, Jakob Schia, but I'll just call him Jakob to avoid confusion with Schija.

4. Reisel Ringel, born in 1864. 

5. Basze Sure Ringel, born August 3, 1870. 

Every one of these children left Rzeszow in the 1880s and 90s. Four went to Berlin and Jakob Ringel went to Hamburg. I'll cover all the Berlin Ringels next.