The Ringels also went to Australia

The Ringels also went to Australia

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the discovery of another Ringel sibling originally from Rzeszow, Hirsch Zvi Ringel, who also settled in Berlin and was a rabbi there. Now I find that he was the ancestor of an Ancestry user, Tami Beck, who has long claimed to be associated with our family. Until now, I didn't see the connection. 

The reason is that her Ringel family went back to the town of Nisko in Austrian Galicia, 40 miles north of our Ringel's home in Rzeszow. There are quite a few Ringels in towns throughout the region. And at the time, I knew nothing at all about Hirsch Zvi Ringel.

When he showed up last month in a marriage record from the Berlin Landesarchiv, it showed that Hirsch Zvi Ringel was a son of Moses and Rose Lea Ringel of Rzeszow and that he married a Pearl Jacobi in Nisko. So there was the connection to Tami Beck.

I contacted her on Ancestry to share the marriage record and confirm our family connection. She replied that she had already proven the relationship using Berlin address books. There are several listings in the 1910s showing Hirsch Ringel's family living on the second floor at 54 Lothringer Straße, downstairs from our family members in two apartments on the fourth floor. 

I know that Hirsch Zvi Ringel was a rabbi in Berlin but do not have details about his career. What I now know from Tami's family tree is that Hirsch and Pearl had seven children (first cousins to our grandfather), including a daughter Rosa Ringel, born in Nisko in 1883. Rosa married Meier Weinstock in 1908 at—get this!—the Whitechapel Registry Office in London. 

The Weinstocks had four children, including Leo (Arie) Weinstock in 1916, before Rosa passed away in 1932 at age 49. The next year, Meier left Germany with his children and emigrated to Palestine. Leo's 1937 marriage in Palestine ended in divorce but his second marriage to Hedy Grunhut produced three children, including Tamar Rivqa Weinstock, born in Ramat Gan in July 1951. 

In 1954, the Leo Weinstock family left Israel and emigrated to Sydney, Australia, where Leo worked as a cabinet maker and became an Australian citizen in 1959. The elderly Meier Weinstock followed his son to Australia in 1958 and died there in 1962

Tamar and her siblings were raised in the Sydney area, and she graduated from Sydney University in 1971. The next year, she married Thomas Martyn Beck, with whom she had two children before divorcing in 1981, after which she received a further degree in interior design and worked as a designer.

Tami's parents passed away in Sydney in 2003 and 2004. Since 2012, she has resided in a high-rise building in Darling Point, on Sydney Harbor with a view of the opera house. 

So now we know that our Ringel family from Lothringerstraße sent a branch to Palestine even before Wolf Schattner went there. I wonder if Ze'ev was in touch with his Weinstock first cousins in Palestine and Israel.

And we also know that the family branch moved on from Israel after 20 years and finally settled in Sydney, Australia, where we have a fourth cousin Tami Beck who is a seriously good genealogist.

Thank you for connecting our families, Tami.