The Shatner family of Belgrade

The Shatner family of Belgrade

Before getting back to the Twiasschor story, let's dig deeper into the family of Rosa Ringel's in-laws, the Schattners from Belgrade. First of all, in Serbia the name seems to be rendered as Shatner, the same way that actor William Shatner spells it. In fact, here is a relevant clip from Shatner's Wikipedia page:

Shatner was born in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada to a Conservative Jewish household.[3] .... His paternal grandfather, Wolf Schattner, anglicized the family name to "Shatner."[7]

Wolf Schattner, by the way, was Ze'ev's name at birth. Ahikam Finkel's family tree on Geni shows us all the Shatner family members in Belgrade. The family elders are Samuel and Flora Shatner. Samuel's name is also given as Satner, and he is the son of an Adolf Jakov Satner. Samuel and Flora had five children. Their exact birth dates and birth order are not given in the Geni tree. David "Drago" Schattner is one of them and he has two brothers, Heinrich and Alfred, and two sisters, Regina (married name Hendel) and Tereza (married name Bihaly). Each of these Shatners had one or more children, except for Heinrich who died in 1913.

One of the Hendel children is Artur, who will later report the fate of family members to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. His testimonies are all there in the Yad Vashem Shoah Names Database. All together in 1955, Dr. Hendel reported on 35 of his family members who were murdered by the Nazis in Belgrade. Five of them are Shatners. Besides Rosa (spelled Roza) and Margot, the others were David's brother Alfred and his wife Mica and their son Rihard. 

Regina Hendel, Artur's mother and David's sister, is also on the list, along with Artur's sister Hedwiga. 

The "fate" of these individuals that is given in the database is simply "murdered." For somewhat more detail we can view the source documents in Hebrew and (I think) Serbian. To understand better how and when they were murdered, we'll turn to the history.