Some questions about Rabbi Spektor's biography

Some questions about Rabbi Spektor's biography

Since Dan has started down the road of trying to understand our relationship with the Kovno Rav, lets start with the biographical entry from the Spektor page of the Eilat Gordin Levitan archive.

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spektor had four children; Son Benjamin Rabinowitz was murdered in 1906. Zvi Hirsh Rabinowitz died in 1909 his two other children; a son died at age 40 and a daughter Rachel who died in 1876.

Notice there is no mention of the Gonif, who would have died around 1855.

Here's another page from the Kurenets section of the Levitan site that has a lot of stuff on vartious Spektors who fill the gap between 1880 or so and the Holocaust:

So how and why did some Spektors become Rabinoviches and how does all lof this relate to Joseph Rabinovich deciding to pull up roots and head to America in 1874, which seems very early. But hey, he must have been the smart Rabinovich/Spektor.