Text of Hilda's second affidavit: an inventory of precious jewels

The second page of the affidavit with signature

Text of Hilda's second affidavit: an inventory of precious jewels

Declaration of an oath

I, Hilda Liebman, b. Wohlgemuth, residing at 31, Bld. De la Saussaye, Neuilly-Seine, France, is aware of the criminal liability of a false affidavit, given the following declaration on the matter of reimbursement to my mother, Mrs. Betty Wohlgemuth, née Katz, taking an oath in lieu of an oath at the reparations offices in Berlin:

As I already explained in detail in my mother's résumé, my mother, Betty Wohlgemuth, née Katz, a very wealthy woman. She owned beautiful jewelry, inherited and also given by my father. As part of the sale campaign, she was forced to hand over the following pieces of jewelry in 1939. I still remember it very well because she wrote to me about it and was very sad that she had to part with her jewelry. At that time I was with my husband, Herbert Peiser, already abroad on the run from the Nazis.

She had to deliver the following jewelry pieces:

A pair of diamond clips, which could also be worn as a brooch when put together. Each piece was provided with a 2-1 / 2 carat white brilliant-cut diamond, a total of 5 carats and set in platinum. This clip brooch was bought from Friedländer / Berlin, Unter den Linden. Compare 1) of the attached drawings.

An antique, 22-carat, gold men's watch chain with the same watch from the possession of my deceased grandfather (display case). Compare 2) of the attached drawings.

A pair of diamond hanging earrings, each stone in the middle 4 carat, around are smaller stones and a drop of 2 carat each, blue-white. An heirloom from my grandmother, Mrs. Bertha Katz from Kohlberg. Worked by the company Friedländer / Berlin, Unter den Linden. Made to order. The same earrings were made for Empress Auguste-Viktoria, 1858-1921, wife of Wilhelm I. Compare 3) of the attached drawings.

A diamond watch bracelet platinum, all around with diamonds, against the clock the stones enlarge, the clock set with diamonds. Gift from my late father (to his wife for any reason). Manufactured by the company Friedländer / Berlin, Unter den Linden.Compare 4) of the attached drawings

A long lorgnon [monocle] chain, 22 carat gold, with small brilliant-cut diamonds, work XVII Gill Siecle. Heirloom from my grandmother, Mrs. Bertha Katz, b. Bernhardt, from Kolberg. Compare 5) of the attached drawings

A diamond brooch with two diamonds, each stone 3-1 / 2 carats, blue and white, set in gold, born from the estate of Mrs. Bertha Katz, Bernhardt, from Kohlberg. Compare 6) of the attached drawings

A ring, an 8 1/2 carat solitaire faced in platinum, a blue-white-spotless stone. Gift from my father to his wife (my mother). Compare 7) of the attached drawings

I made drawings of the jewelry from my memory, the correctness of which I confirm in lieu of an oath.

Hilda Liebman née Wohlgemuth

Paris, March 2, 1962