Walter's book about personal peacemaking

Walter's book about personal peacemaking

Congratulations to brother Walter and his co-author Sabeeha Rehman on the publication of We Refuse to Be Enemies: How Muslims and Jews Can Make Peace, One Friendship At a Time by Arcade Publishing. 

All the book details are here. The book is a manifesto for tolerance, dialogue and friendship, but it is more than that. It is also a memoir of a surprising,  sometimes challenging friendship that grew to embody the authors' shared ideals.

The authors met through their work as organizers of interfaith initiatives. Each came their convictions out of their personal life experience, but they discovered that their two world views were very much on the same wavelength. 

It was their shared perspective as citizens of the United States that allowed them to see past their cultural and religious differences and find common ground to propose a bold agenda.

Walter always has multiple balls in the air, including his involvement with this site, but this book was a labor of love for him. It is the fullest expression of his convictions and life's work as a person-to-person peacemaker.

Walter's family members are proud of his accomplishments and are thrilled that he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Sabeeha in this book to eloquently present their message of peacemaking to the world.