Walter's eyes are opened by Mary Travers

Walter's eyes are opened by Mary Travers

Not to compare to smoking pot with Phil Ochs, but here is one more related musical moment. 

Right before the convention, I managed to get backstage at a Peter, Paul and Mary concert at a prestigious music space in the Loop, and I witnessed Mary Travers angrily cursing somebody out, I can’t remember who. As in “You fucking idiot….," which was definitely very different from her image.

I can still remember the three of them on stage earnestly performing their song written especially for the McCarthy campaign, which included the lines:

If you love your country, and the things for which it stands, 

Vote for Gene McCarthy and bring peace to this, our land…

It robs us of the honor that our country knew before, 

If we will not pursue a peace to end an unjust war…

Ah, here it is on YouTube.