Was this the Paechter's store?

Was this the Paechter's store?

In Otto Stobbe's article about Tiegenhof in which he describes the fire at Paechter's Kaufhaus, here is where he describes the building and marks the location.

On the right-hand side, already on the market square, was the Pächter'sche department store.... It was a large half-timbered building with yellow bricks. A few years later, in the fall of 1898, the terrible fire began here, which then left half of Bahnhofstrasse in ruins.

I have been examining street maps and postcards of old Tiegenhof, and I think that the yellow-brick half-timbered building in the image could be the Paechter store. If not, it looked very much like this one. Here is a page with some detail on half-timbered buildings.

Half-timbering is a way of constructing wood frame structures with the structural timbers exposed. This medieval method of construction is called timber framing. A half-timbered building wears its wood frame on its sleeve, so to speak. The wooden wall framing — studs, cross beams, and braces — are exposed to the outside, and the spaces between the wooden timbers are filled with plaster, brick, or stone.

In the next post, I will place the location on a vintage street map of the town. Below is a closeup detail of another brick half-timbered building.