Ringels of Berlin

Translation reveals Hermann's parents were unmarried

I should have posted this in March, but better late than never.

The German translator came through and we now have more information about Hermann's parents, including something unexpected. Here are the highlights:

Hermann Ringel's birth record shows he was born November 5, 1885 in Berlin, that his parents were Schija Ringel and Feigel Kaufler. Kaufler was Ringel's unmarried Jewish housekeeper. A notation on the birth record from two and a half years later indicates that Schija and Feigel married on July 2, 1888.

Feigel's death certificate from November 28, 1921 (three years before her granddaughter Helga's birth), describes her as 67 years old, a shopkeeper, born in Krakow and residing at the same address in Lothringstrasse as her son Hermann.

Hermann's death record from June 25, 1938 is pretty spare, and does not appear to tell us anything new.

Feigla Kaufler's birth record

Krakow Births 1798-1855,71-89
Krakow Wojewodztwa / Krakow Province

Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Film Indexfilm Date House
KAUFLER Feigla 1854 B 188 718917

The right name, location and year. Photocopies can be obtained from a collection in Israel, and I sent in an order.

Ahikam Finkel expands our tree

Woo hoo for second cousin Ahikam Finkel, who accepted Joanne's invitation to our family tree on Geni and has input family information for our Sharon relatives in Israel. This fills in some important details on our Ringel side and adds wonderful new details about our Israeli cousins.

Rosa Ringel's husband, the father of Ze'ev Sharon, was David Shatner, also the brother-in-law of our grandparents Hermann and Elly. That name might help me in future research about our family in Berlin.

We also get previously unknown details about Ze'ev's wife Penina. She was born Penina Dorfman Feb. 15, 1919 in Poland. Her parents were Izik Dorfman and Sara Bahat.

Ahikam is the son of Raya Finkel, the daughter of Ze'ev and Penina. He is 33 years old, married to Gali and has a daughter Neta.

To view our tree on Geni, contact me for an invitation to join our family group.

Schija Ringel birth record image

The hits keep on coming. Marian Rubin's package arrived today with four printouts of Ringel birth records from the Rzeszow archives. I'll have some comments about this later. For now, feast your eyes on the June 13, 1856 birth record of another of our great grandparents, Schija Ringel, the man who would later move to Berlin, marry Feigla Kaufler, and raise three children, Hermann, Rosa, and Bette Ringel.

Schija's record is highlighted. Click to enlarge.


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