R. E. Marshak

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* April 1, 1942 Physical Review R. E. Marshak Forbidden Transitions in Beta-Decay and Orbital Electron Capture and Spins of Nuclei
September 22, 1957 Proc. of the Conference on Mesons and Newly-Discovered Particles, Padua-Venice E. C. G. Sudarshan and R. E. Marshak The Nature of the Four-Fermion Interaction

Marshak gives Sudarshan’s experimental review at Padua conference, calling for the He6 experiment to be redone. This paper is the basis for Sudarshan and Marshak's claim of priority over Feynman and Gell-Mann for the V–A theory.

* March 1, 1958 Physical Review E. C. G. Sudarshan and R. E. Marshak Chirality Invariance and the Universal Fermi Interaction

Sudarshan-Marshak cite private communication with Wu

* July 25, 1992 Current Science R. E. Marshak The Pain and Joy of a Major Scientific Discovery

Extensive excerpts are published because of their relevance to Rustad-Ruby experiment. Marshak reports that Wu remains strongly supportive of RR three months after her parity experiment.

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From two mesons and weak currents to the standard model