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October 1, 1948 Physical Review R. D. Albert and C. S. Wu The Beta-Spectrum of S35

Representative of many beta spectrum studies Wu did with collaborators throughout this period

September 15, 1952 Physical Review C. S. Wu, B. M. Rustad, V. Perez-Mendez, and L. Lidofsky The Beta-Spectrum of He6

Used Columbia spectrometer to calculate revised comparative lifetime of He6

February 15, 1953 Physical Review Brice M. Rustad and Stanley L. Ruby Correlation Between Electron and Recoil Nucleus in He6 Decay

First publication of Rustad-Ruby results. Together with Allen-Jentschke, seen as definitive determination of Tensor coupling in GT interactions

March 1, 1953 Physical Review D. C. Peaslee The Fermi Term in Beta-Neutrino Correlation

Success of Rustad-Ruby for GT interactions leads to search for similar experiment for F interactions. Peaslee was in the Wu orbit at Columbia and clearly had early knowledge of the Rustad-Ruby results. His letter was submitted before RR was published. Then the Peaslee letter was published in the very next issue.

February 15, 1957 Physical Review C. S. Wu, E. Ambler, R. W. Hayward, D. D. Hoppes, and R. P. Hudson Experimental Test of Parity Conservation in Beta Decay

Wu’s famous experiment that confirmed the Lee-Yang suggestion that left-right symmetry is not conserved in weak interactions. Another concurrently published experiment by Garwin and Lederman confirmed the theory in meson decays.

February 15, 1957 Richard L. Garwin, Leon Lederman, and Marcel Weinrich Observations of the Failure of Conservation of Parity and Charge Conjugation in Meson Decays: the Magnetic Moment of the Free Muon

Garwin-Lederman confirms parity violation in an experiment using mesons

July 15, 1957 Physical Review Letters W. B. Herrmannsfeldt, D. R. Maxson, P. Stahelin, and J. S. Allen Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlation in the Positron Decay of Argon35

The first experiment with contadictory results from He-6
. Paper cites Kistner-Schwarzschild-Rustad paper on suitability of A35 for correlation experiment. Received 5/28/57.

December 11, 1957 Physical Review M. Goldhaber, L. Grodzins, and A. W. Sunyar Helicity of Neutrinos

More experimental support for VA; He6 is an outlier.

March 1, 1958 Physical Review E. C. G. Sudarshan and R. E. Marshak Chirality Invariance and the Universal Fermi Interaction

Sudarshan-Marshak cite private communication with Wu

September 15, 1958 Physical Review Letters S. L. Ruby, F. D. Schupp, and E. D. Wolley Effect of Monoenergetic Fast Neutrons on n-Type Germanium

Stan working on radiation effects

March 18, 1960 Review of Scientific Instruments S. L. RUBY , L. M. EPSTEIN, AND K. H. SUN Mössbauer Effect in Ferrocyanide

Stan's first Mössbauer paper 
the first three-line folded spectrum of 57Fe

April 1, 1962 Physical Review G. Shirane, W. J. Takei, and S. L. Ruby Mössbauer Study of Hyperfine Fields and Isomer Shifts in Fe 4 N and ( F e , N i ) 4 N