Mössbauer Effect in Ferrocyanide

Authors(s):S. L. RUBY , L. M. EPSTEIN, AND K. H. SUN Publication:Review of Scientific Instruments Publication Date:March 18, 1960 Publisher: Citation:Review of Scientific Instruments 31, 580 (1960) Link:https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1931262

In order to utilize the Mössbauer effect more conveniently, it would be desirable to have either a source or an absorber which is monoenergetic. To date, the detailed work using Fe57 has employed soft iron sources and absorber; here, the inner magnetic field creates a hyperfine splitting which is disadvantageous for some work.

At about this time, the first three-line folded spectrum of 57Fe appeared [29] (see Fig. 5.8, top), which unfolded becomes the standard six-line spectrum so familiar today. This spectrum was produced by a magnetically split (six-line) iron source and a nonmagnetic (single line) ferrocyanide absorber. Essentially simultaneously with this report came the landmark paper of Kistner and Sunyar. — Hanna in the Mössbauer Story