Observations of the Failure of Conservation of Parity and Charge Conjugation in Meson Decays: the Magnetic Moment of the Free Muon

Authors(s):Richard L. Garwin, Leon Lederman, and Marcel Weinrich Publication: Publication Date:February 15, 1957 Publisher: American Physical Society Citation:PhysRev.87.1140 Link:https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRev.105.1415

Lee and Yang have pointed out that parity nonconservation implies a polarization of the spin of the muon emitted from stopped pions in (1) along the direction of motion and that furthermore, the angular distribution of electrons in (2) should serve a, s an analyzer for the muon polarization. They also point out that the longitudinal polarization of the muons offers a natural way of determining the magnetic moment. ' By stopping, in carbon, the µ+ beam formed by forward decay in flight of π+ mesons inside the cyclotron, we have performed the meson experiment'.