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The Beta-Spectrum of He6

Authors(s):C. S. Wu, B. M. Rustad, V. Perez-Mendez, and L. Lidofsky Publication:Physical Review Publication Date:September 15, 1952 Publisher: Citation:PhysRev.87.1140 Link:

The beta-spectrum of He6 is of great theoretical interest. Not only can its linear Kurie plot serve to exclude one of the Fierz interference terms (A, T), but its end point together with its half-life determines an ft value which helps to estimate the relative contributions of the Fermi (S or V) and Gamow- Teller (A or T) interactions in the process of beta-decay.

The end point together with tg=0.823 yields the ft value of He' of 815~70 sec.' Moszkowski4 estimated the relative contribution of P and G —T interactions by equating ft M ' for the H3—He3 and He6—Li6 transitions. Using the old He6 "ft"value he obtained E=Cg'/CG'=0. 11~0.45, which leads to the conclusion of the insignificant role of the F interaction in beta-decay.


If one repeats the calculation of Moszkowski using the new ft values for He6 one obtains K≤1.4±0.7 which completely alters the picture. The recent finding of the C10 —B10 and 014 —N14 transitions which should be allowed and favored 0—0 transitions, demonstrates that the presence of the Fermi interaction in the beta-process is definitely necessary.