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The Fermi Term in Beta-Neutrino Correlation

Authors(s):D. C. Peaslee Publication:Physical Review Publication Date:March 1, 1953 Publisher: American Physical Society Citation:PhysRev.89.1148 Link:

A survey is made to find the β transitions most suitable for a β-ν (recoil) correlation experiment to determine the Fermi part of interaction. The most favorable parent isotope appears to be A35.

The linear combination in p-decay appears to be half Fermi (F) and half Gamow-Teller (G). Absence of 1/W terms in allowed spectra shows that F must be pure S or pure V, and G must be pure T or pure A. Measurements of beta-neutrino correlation on He6 show that G=T. One now seeks a suitable use for determining the F component by beta-neutrino correlation.