Theoretical Implications of Parity Violations in Beta Interactions

Authors(s):T. D. Lee Publication:Proceedings of the Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure Publication Date: Publisher: Citation: Link:
In this idealized simple situation we can predict from the three measurements the results on recoil measurement in mixed or Fermi transition, the helicity of electrons and positrons, the rate for double β decay, etc. While it is true that the present experimental results x on He6, Co60, Sc46 are not incompatible with this simple situation, due to the largeness of all experimental errors it certainly does not yet prove that this simple situation is the reality. Nevertheless, I hope that the above simple example does illustrate that with the non-conservation of parity there are many more new ways to probe the β-interactions. What previously are two independent experiments may now be tied in by a third measurement which can, in turn, serve as a check for internal consistency.