The later history of the Feidt store and building

A March 31, 2007 report in the Financial Times about compensation paid to Wertheim descendants

The later history of the Feidt store and building

In preparation for emigration, Gerhard had sold the business, including the building, for a to a man from Trier, who sold it on to the major retail chain of Wertheim in 1937, only to be expropriated by the Nazis in 1938.

Günther Wertheim had set up a large chain of deparmetn stores in Berlion but left his own flight from Germany unitl 1939. He was lucky to be able to safely reach the United States, where he became a chicken farmer. Wertheim's granddaughter Mrs. Barbara Principe lives in New Jersey. 

After the war, the building on Schlossstrasse eventually became the home of a dentist, who altered it and divided the two wings. The Kielerstrasse wing had comprised half the floor area, but was destroyed and burnt out by a British bomb during the war. 

Since shortly after the war, the remaining wing comprising two floors of the department store have been devoted exclusively to the Schuhhaus Leiser (Shoe Shop Leiser).

Around 1960 or so, Gerhard received a not very large lump sum in compensation from the German government for the loss of the property.