An Experimental Investigation of the Beta-Gamma Angular Correlation in Beta Decay

Authors(s):Richard L. Garwin Publication:Unpublished Publication Date:December 1949 Publisher: Citation:R.L. Garwin. A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Division of the Physical Sciences in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Chicago, December 1949 (unpublished). Link:

The beta-gamma angular correlation was investigated in the isotopes Na24, Co60, Ru103, Gd115, Ir192, and Au198. Measurements were made at ten angles between 45 to 180 degrees. No departure from spherical symmetry was found in any case, within the statistical error (standard deviation 1% or 2% in most cases). Tests and arguments are set forth to establish that the lack of correlation exists in fact at the atom and probably at the nucleus itself. The discrepancy between the results of this experiment and the predictions of the beta ray theory is discussed.