Adsorption of Xanthates on Mineral Surfaces

Authors(s): M.D. Hassialis *, R.C. Anderson and S. Ruby * Publication:3Q 1951 Quarterly Report Publication Date:1951 Publisher: Brookhaven National Laboratory Citation: Quarterly Progress Report: Unclassified section Link:Google Books

The adsorption of S35 -labeled potassium ethyl xanthate ,C2H5OCSSK , by pyrite, FeS2, from water solution at various concentrations has been studied and found to be substantially independent of solution concentration over the range studied.

Another batch of xanthate of higher specific activity has been prepared . Further experiments are to be run at lower concentrations to determine whether the Langmuir isotherm holds. Two galena, PbS, samples have been prepared and adsorption tests are also to be run with these.