Contact reestablished with Tami Beck

Contact reestablished with Tami Beck

I checked in with Tami Beck via Ancestry's member messaging and received a quick reply. I wanted to compare notes about Berlin addresses used by members of the Hirsch and Schija family branches. Also, she seems to have lore about a Jewish ceremony for the 1908 wedding, and I wanted to learn more about that and possibly clear that up. If she had lore about that, then maybe there is also a family story explaining the reason for marrying in London. 

But the main discrepancy I wanted to clear up is the timeline for the family presence in Nisko. On Tami's tree, she suggests that the Ringels may have actually originated there or possibly always lived in Nisko, with Rzeszow named only as an administrative center. 

As I said, Tami replied yesterday to my query. She did not comment at all about the circumstances of the 1908 marriage. But she rather vigorously defended her Nisko theory. 

I've just written to her again with my conclusion that it was only Hirsch's family that went to Nisko and only after 1976 when he married Perl Jacoby. 

I don't know if Tami will agree with my analysis or not, or if she can supply any other useful information. For one, she has two photos of Ringel family members that I have not yet seen.