A Ringel branch in Nisko

Gateway to the "Lublin Reservation"

A Ringel branch in Nisko

I have written before how I learned only belatedly about Schija Ringel's older brother Hirsch, or Hirsch Zvi, Ringel. He first came to my attention in the family tree of Tami Weinstock Beck, who is the great-granddaughter of Hirsch living in Australia. 

This is front of mind again for me because it is Tami's grandmother Rosa Ringel, Hirsch's daughter, who was the Whitechapel bride in 1908. This sent me scurrying to Ancestry to review what is known about that Ringel branch.

Hirsch Ringel married Perl Jacobi in Rzeszow in about 1876. They resettled in another Galizian town in the Tarnow region, Nisko, 60 miles north of Rzeszow. Over the course of the next decade, all of Hirsch's younger siblings would also leave Rzeszow, most settling in the German capital Berlin. 

By contrast, Hirsch and Perl remained in Nisko until about 1903, when they too would go to Berlin. They had something like eight children born in Nisko between 1877 and 1899. The fifth of those was Rachel, called Rosa, who was the 1908 Whitechapel bride. As I mentioned, she died in 1932 at age 48, but most of the other siblings ended as Holocaust victims.

I also went back over our family information about the other siblings of Hirsch and Schija Ringel. Remember, there is the one younger brother, Jakob, who moved to Hamburg and eventually Canada, and another brother, Juda Leib, as well as two sisters, who all went to Berlin.  

I'll follow up with more about that in the next post.