Edith and Gina in 1945

Edith and Gina in 1945

These photos must have been sent to Helga in late 1945 by one of her cousins in London. They are helpfully dated on the back. 

Gina is shown together with her husband Ernest Scott in November 1945. He was a Jew born as Ernst Schoenwald in Vienna, and had anglicized his name after having fled to England.

Edith was not yet married in October 1945, when her picture was taken. She married Rudolf Krausz six months later. 

Helga herself was 21 years old when she or her mother received the photos from her cousin. The war was recently over. Helga was a working by then on her job on Wall Street.

It must have gladdened her heart to receive the photos and to know more about the lives of her two older cousins in London.