Map of Weißensee

Map of Weißensee

Last night, when I showed Joanne yesterday's posting of a photo of Helga about age three, she wanted to have a better idea of the proximity of the park to the Ringel home, and also to the Weißensee cemetery where Hermann would later be laid to rest. 

This map of the town of Weißensee calls out the locations.

Helga lived at the Woelckpromenade address in Weißensee for the first five years of her life, before the family moved to Charlottenburg. 

Joanne has some doubts about my identification of Helga as the girl on the right in the photo. No doubt there is more baby fat in that face than our memory, but I'm pretty sure I see her future facial expression in the smile.

The notation on the back lists Helga as the third name in order, so that to me is a further hint.