Generational spread in the Paechter family

Generational spread in the Paechter family

We usually think of a generation as a time span of roughly 20 to 25 years that follow one after another. But the boundaries between the generations of a family can spread out over a span of years so that reverse removed cousins occur.

That's the case in the Paechter family, where the eldest sibling Frieda was born in 1838 and the youngest Isaak was born in the late 1850s, roughly 20 years apart.

Frieda's second child was Isaak Wohlgemuth, born 1865.

Isaak's second child was Kurt Julius Paechter, born 1888. 

Isaak's first child was Elly Wohlgemuth, born 1900.

Kurt Julius's second child was George Paechter, born 1928.

Elly's only child was Helga Ringel, born 1924.

George's first child was Carrie Paechter, born 1958.

I am Helga's second child Daniel Ruby, born 1952. 

You can see where the generations crossed in the 1920s and that my distant cousin Carrie is actually five years younger than I am though she is of my mother's generation. 

She is my third cousin once-removed but, because of generational spread in the Paechter family, it is a reverse removal.