Paechter diaspora

Discovery Notebook

He emigrated to Palestine with wife Amalia Streisand in 1922
Walter Ehlen was in prison when Hilde escaped Germany to England with their four-year-old son
Our Ringels were not in the more dire situation of families like the Landaus
Anneliese exited Berlin three months ahead of the Paechter children. She met them in London.
Helene died in New York in 1941, after which Emil went to London to be with his daughter
Still active at age 80, she carries on her family's progressive political tradition
Carrie Paechter is of my mother's generation but she is five years younger than I am
After recent discoveries, this is a good time to review what is known and to chart further…
The biographer bonded with Landau's family members in the UK. Did she cross a line?
Anneliese Landau's life in music from Berlin to Los Angeles

In 2012, music historian Lilly E. Hirsch published her book "A Jewish Orchestra in Nazi Germany…

In her inaugural lecture, she asked ‘Can we move towards a post-gender world? If so, do we want to…
They were matched with families in the West England hinterlands, but their eyes were set on Oxford.

Reflecting on the terrible choice made by Kurt and Grete Paechter in 1939 to send their children…

The youngest child of Leo and Rosa Jacob lived in Johannesburg, New York and London.
He was a pioneer in multiple fields of physiology working in Germany, Russia and the U.S.
These Paechter descendants got out of Berlin in 1939 for England, Brazil and America.
Biographical sketch from the The Henry M. Pachter Papers at SUNY Albany.

Several posts back, I mentioned that Rodney wrote to introduce me to an Australian contact. Now…

Our previously unknown cousin Leopold Meyer Wohlgemuth received a immigration permit from the…