More treasures from our own collection

More treasures from our own collection

All during these last days that I have been working on the Liebman-Clerc story, I have known that I would be able to find more documentation right here in my own house. Family photos. For example, I could picture in my mind the photos of my parents' wedding in June 1947 with Joe Liebman and Hilda in attendance. I was wondering would I find Arnaud in the pictures from the wedding. 

In addition, I knew there was a box of photos of that had come to me from my grandmother Elly Ringel through my mother Helga Ruby. Elly was Hilda's older sister. I knew there would be some great shots of Hilda and Joe, and maybe I would even find some with Arnaud, now that I know what he looked like.

I am chagrined to say that the photo collection is completely disorganized, not in albums or frames for the most part, just packets of snapshots from one European trip or another that my grandmother took. I could not lay my hands on the wedding photos at all--I think the originals must be at Joanne's house. Some years back, I had made a photo DVD with all the best images of my parents, but today I couldn't find my copy of the DVD either.

Never mind, though because look at the treasures that I did find!

These next few batches of photos are just the tip of the iceberg of what I have. I must apologize, however, for the considerable blurriness in some of the photos. My flatbed scanner is not working, so I used my iPad camera to photograph the photographs. The quality leaves something to be desired, but I felt people would like to see them even if they are blurry.

I will replace these images with better versions when I get my scanner repaired or replaced. In the meantime, enjoy the following photographic tour through the later years of the life of Joseph Liebman.