Hilda's fabulous lifestyle with Joe Liebman

When: 1947 - 1965
Family Branch: Liebman, Wohlgemuth
Generation: 0G

Discovery Notebook

The long-legged young woman with Hilda and Elly could be Arnaud's second wife, who we see later…

Hilda was quite the looker in 1947.

That's our parents Stan and Helga Ruby next to Joe…

Living the good life
  • Jun 27, 2012

Joe and Hilda were frequently to be found at fine restaurants and Parisian nightclubs. 

All during these last days that I have been working on the Liebman-Clerc story, I have known…

Dan, Thank you so much for your magnificent job on the Liebman-Clerc saga and for bringing back…

One of the things I have been unclear about is the date of Hilda's and Joe's wedding. Jo, did…

This very thorough report of Joe's death on March 3, 1968 in Monte Carlo by the U.S. State Dept…