St. George of the East was in London's Jewish East End

St. George of the East was in London's Jewish East End

I have a little more insight into the surprising double marriage of the Twiasschor siblings in London.

First, St. George in the East is the former name of a civil parish of London that overlapped with the city's teeming East End, the center of London's Jewish community. Since the 1880s, an influx of Polish and Russian Jews into the district had led to widespread poverty and overcrowded living conditions. 

Yes, there is was a parish church there, but of course our relatives did not travel from Germany in 1911 to be married in a church. There were also many synagogues in the district—big and small and of every sect and variety. Marriages performed at any synagogue in the district were recorded in the civil parish registers. 

So it makes sense that if Betty Ringel was married in London, it would be within the context of the Jewish life of the city. But what brought these two couples to London in the first place.

I have a theory that I'll propose here even though I don't have proof for it. 

One or more members of the Twiasschor family, originally from Kolomea, Ukraine, had previously settled in London. Specifically, there was an Augusta Twiasschor who married Lewis Weisberg in 1897. Augusta could have been an aunt or similar relation to the Twiasschor siblings, Pinkas and Dina. Perhaps they stayed with the Weisberg family while in London. Perhaps their parents also made the trip for a combined double wedding and family reunion. 

I'll keep digging.