Was this the old Eilertsen home in Brooklyn?

2256 Plumb 2nd St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Was this the old Eilertsen home in Brooklyn?

In the second image above, we see Ed Eilertsen's 1943 draft registration, filed in Minneapolis where he was attending seminary at age 18. 

He lists his father, Jack Eilertsen, as the person who will always know his whereabouts, and he gives Jack's address as 2256 Plumb 2nd Street in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Presumably, this was the family home where Ed grew up and where his parents still lived. 

I fired up Apple Maps and used the Look Around feature to see a recent image of the property at that address. It is a modest duplex in Brooklyn's Gerritsen Beach neighborhood, near to Marine Park and Jamaica Bay. 

I can't tell yet on which side of the duplex the Eilerstsens lived.  

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