C.S. Wu

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* April 1957 7th Annual Rochester Conference on High energy nuclear physics, VII C, N. Wang and others Weak Interactions

Wu continued to favorably cite RR three months after her parity experiment. I am uncertain if her first reference to He6 (in relation to the Coulomb part) is about RR.

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Physical Review The Angular Correlation of Scattered Annihilation Radiation
* February 13, 1997 Nature Parity and chivalry in nuclear physics

Argument by Oxford physicists for greater credit for parity violation experiment to the NBS team. Does Wu bear responsibility for others who have called it the Wu experiment, downplaying the NBS contribution. Garwin and Lederman replied in a letter to the editor.

* 1999 NIST Special Publication 925 A Unique Institution: The National Bureau of Standards 1950-1969

Retrospective of the Parity Violation experiment from the NBS perspective.