weak-force unification

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April 1957 7th Annual Rochester Conference on High energy nuclear physics, VII C, N. Wang and others Weak Interactions

Wu continued to favorably cite RR three months after her parity experiment. I am uncertain if her first reference to He6 (in relation to the Coulomb part) is about RR.

January 1, 1958 Physical Review R. P. Feynman and M. Gell-Mann Theory of the Fermi Interaction

Feynman calls for He6 experiment to be reviewed
Classic VA paper beat Marshak-Sudarshan to publication.

March 1, 1958 Physical Review E. C. G. Sudarshan and R. E. Marshak Chirality Invariance and the Universal Fermi Interaction

Sudarshan-Marshak cite private communication with Wu

1960 C. S. Wu The Neutrino

Chapter in Wolfgang Pauli memorial volume edited by Fierz and Weisskopf shows Wu's summary of recoil experiment history in 1960, citing her CU-172 report.

April 1, 1964 Reviews of Modern Physics C. S. Wu The Universal Fermi Interaction and the Conserved Vector Current in Beta Decay
July 25, 1992 Current Science R. E. Marshak The Pain and Joy of a Major Scientific Discovery

Extensive excerpts are published because of their relevance to Rustad-Ruby experiment. Marshak reports that Wu remains strongly supportive of RR three months after her parity experiment.

November 2009 Journal of Physics Conference Series Sandip Pakvasa 50 Years of V-A (Living Dangerously)

Historical review of Sudarshan-Marshak VA story