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Authors(s):S. L. Ruby Publication:Journal de Physique Colloques Publication Date:December 1974 Publisher: Citation:J. Phys. Colloques 35 (1974) C6-209-C6-211 Link:HAL Open Science

The high spectral density of radiation from high-energy synchrotron storage rings, and the possibility of its use as a source for Mossbauer measurements, is discussed. Dispersion in time, rather than energy, will be employed—the potential advantages are mentioned, but not the difficulties.

If some of the nuclei are excited by y-ray absorption, the products (the scattered photon, or the conversion electron, or the X-ray following the internal conversion) of the subsequent nuclear decay will be delayed by about z. If the detector of these decay products can be gated off during the massive, brief pulse, and quickly restored in about z seconds after the burst, then this timed resonant detector (TRD) will discriminate very strongly against the non-nuclear resonant X-rays.


A purpose of this talk is to spur members of this community into design of TRDs.